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Batteries - Various - 8 Sizes

SKU: AV9506

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Product Name Price Qty
Batteries - D Size/MN1300 (1.5V Alkaline) x 1
SKU: AV1241
Batteries - C Size/MN1400 (1.5V Alkaline) x 1
SKU: AV1242
Batteries - AA Size/MN1500 (1.5V Alkaline) x 10
SKU: AV1243
Batteries - AAA Size/MN2400 (1.5V Alkaline) x 10
SKU: AV1244
Batteries - Half AA Size (3.6V Lithium) x 1
SKU: AV1240
Batteries - PP3 Size/MN1604 (9V Alkaline) x 1
SKU: AV1245
Batteries - CR2032 (3V Lithium Coin Cell) x 2
SKU: AV0755
Batteries - LR44/A76 (1.5V Alkaline Button Cell) x 1
SKU: AV1246
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Quick Overview

Batteries - Various - 8 Sizes

A selection of the most common sizes in everyday use.

Half AA size fits LEC ATMDL01 temperature data logger (equivalent to Tekcell SB-AA02)

LR44/A76 size fits our max-min thermometer

Please contact our sales office if you do not see what you are looking for.

Batteries - various - 8 Sizes

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  • Batteries - various - 8 Sizes
  • Batteries - D Size/MN1300 (1.5V Alkaline)
  • Batteries - C Size/MN1400 (1.5V Alkaline)
  • Batteries - PP3 Size/MN1604 (9V Alkaline)
  • Batteries - AA Size/MN1500 (1.5V Alkaline)
  • Batteries - Half AA Size (3.6V Lithium)
  • Batteries - AAA Size/MN2400 (1.5V Alkaline)
  • Batteries L-R: D;C;AA;Half AA;AAA;PP3
  • Batteries - LR44/A76 (1.5V Alkaline Button Cell)
  • Batteries - CR2032 (3V Lithium Coin Cell) x 2


Batteries - Various - 8 Sizes

AAA Size interchangeable (size wise) with HP16, RO3, LR3, UM4

AA Size interchangeable (size wise) with HP7, R6, LR6, UM3

C Size interchangeable (size wise) with HP11, R14, LR14, UM2

D Size interchangeable (size wise) with HP2, R20, LR20, UM1

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